Custom Tile

Custom Tile


Email us your photo and we will put it on Mini Mosaic tile! (

Children   •   Grandchildren   •   Pets   •   Team or Company Logos   •   Your Art

Almost anything that you have the rights to, can be put on a tile.


If you are a sports team that we have printed tiles for in the past. Just put the team name in the “How did you hear about Mini Mosaic” section in checkout.


The tiles are a tiny 5/8 square, below are some suggestions for images that will be successful:

  • Crop photo as desired, we will size to the tile.

  • Lighter photos work better than darker.

  • Photos with contrast shrink down nicely.

  • Bright colors work nicely.

  • No more than 2 people on one tile.

  • If there are 2 people, heads should be close together.

  • Small type does not shrink well.

You must own the rights, or have permission to reproduce the image(s). If your image(s) are professional photos you need to get permission from the photographer for this use.

Pendant sold separately

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